Pappus, a Latvian knitwear brand, is dedicated to ​heritage, quality, and sustainability. Our narrative is ​woven with threads of timeless design, expert ​craftsmanship, and the sheer delight of knitting. ​Sustainability lies at the heart of our ethos. We craft ​knitted garments designed to transcend fleeting ​trends – offering simple, modern, and practical ​pieces intended for year-round wear.

We use only natural materials - wool and linen - ​esteemed for their durability, softness, and eco-​friendliness. Our dedication to quality is ​unmistakable in our meticulous selection of the ​finest yarns, guaranteeing the longevity and ​exceptional performance of our garments.

We pay attention to every little detail, from perfect ​stitches to those final flourishes, ensuring each ​item stands the test of time. All our garments are ​knitted on manual knitting machines and ​meticulously sewn and finished by skilled hands of ​people who love their work.

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