Pappus is a brand of knitting products made in Latvia. It represents two visionary dreamers and many skilled and experienced hands. By several generations working side to side, knitting traditions are being passed on, keeping the fine workmanship and precision in every step of the way.
Pappus means calyx, composed of featherlike hairs in plant’ in Latin, which is essential and characteristic to our clothing concept. It is light and airy, comfortable and free. Furthermore, there is also a male spirit present – yarn thread that is strong and durable enough to create and generate.
Pappus offers its vision of taste, functionality and quality. We use high quality yarns that guarantee the durability and best performance of our products. Every year we offer two collections: a spring/summer collection with dominance of linen and an autumn/winter collection with warm and cozy products made out of wool.
Each product has its own story: they tell about future fantasies and dreams full of inspiration. They keep colorful memories of the past experiences. They absorb and share the ever ticking pulse of life. And it all creates a starting point for new ideas. Further work process is associated with numerous drawings, technical processing and meticulous mathematical calculation. When those are completed to the perfection, then the master is ready to transfer the results to the hard working hands, which start implementing the consuming work without any further delay.
Pappus products are made on manual knitting machines, sewn and trimmed with fine work of the hands of people who love their work. Every item is touched, stroked and caressed at least teens times, thus each one of them radiates with warmth and affection! Further evaluation and feelings we leave up to you.
With Love